Luciano Oliveira has participated as a consultant, advisor or partner in literally dozens of enterprises over the past decades. Today, Luciano Oliveira is currently involved with:

The Translation Company Group LLC


The company’s history started back in 2004, when Luciano agreed to provide a “quick small translation” to one of his consulting clients interested in expanding their business to Brazil. Luciano quickly realized that technical and legal translations could be added to his consulting business as a way to complement his current offerings to clients.

Three years later, in 2007, a new entity was formed in New York to support the always growing base of translation clients. Today, the Translation Company Group LLC specializes in important fields of document translation services such as technical, medical, technology and legal. When it comes to Accurate translations, the Translation Company Group LLC is one of the main players in the industry.

Oliveira Lawyers LLC


Brazil Brand Inc. was the focus of Luciano’s consulting career from the 90’s until 2009. Brazil Brand provided important marketing and strategy advice to companies and individuals with interests in Brazil. From 2009 on, Luciano moved its focus from marketing and strategy to legal aspects of operating in Brazil. Supported by a team of international lawyers, Luciano has participated as a consultant in a variety of legal projects. Today, Oliveira Lawyers represents clients in the US and abroad with interests in Brazil. The main lines of practice are: real estate, corporate law, estate and probate cases. The firm has also been assisting wealthy clients and businesses with private investigation services such as asset searches, surveillance, infidelity cases, and other detective-oriented needs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

JurisOffice LLC


Luciano is part of a multinational team of Brazilians, Americans and Europeans working together to develop the best legal directory for the legal community. Simple and easy to use features that actually help users. Check JurisOffice directory of lawyers and law firms to see how it can boost your legal business. JurisOffice is a Delaware company operating out of New York City.

HIEM Technologies


HIEM is a distribution company specializing in Hall Effect and Sensor technologies. As much of the industrial players in the US, HIEM manufactures most of its portfolio of parts in China to sell it in the United States and other countries. Some of the technologies enabled by HIEM’s products are: direction detection, linear sensing, speed sensing and position sensing.